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A defect in the mold could put a hold on production, but now there is a way around this. With Duro-Chrome Laser Welding, we can lay a weld bead down to .003 of an inch and deformation that is normally is associated with welding is eliminated. 

Precision metal parts, primarily injection blow molds for plastic industry, can be extremely expensive, and often are made with complex metal compositions. Sooner or later, stress results in damage and cracks. Repair methods on the market today may alter the metal composition around the repair and reduce the quality of the product.

Duro-Chrome’s laser welding technology enables added precision. For example, injection molding parts can now be altered and repaired to exact accuracy. Heat sensitive surfaces are treated in a relatively distortion free manner. With the Duro-Chrome laser welding, you will no longer have discoloration or branding spots associated with conventional methods.

Most importantly, the cost savings associated with laser welding compared to creating a new mold, are tremendous.

Laser Edge Protection

Chrome build-up used on leading edges are susceptible to chipping when it is subject to mechanical impact. To prevent this we provide Laser Edge Protection.

The combination of steel barrier and 72 Rc hardness of the Duro-Chrome chrome will extend the life of a repair, correctional or salvage situations. This technology saves money and time due to the reduction of additional repair or plating needs.

Previously, if chipping occurred on chrome build-ups, repairing the part would be expensive in terms of money and down-time. With laser edge protection you can eliminate or greatly reduce the possibilities of chipping areas.  Now, if the steel edge is damaged we can quickly and affordable repair the part.

Duro-Chrome is proud to partner with Alliance Specialties for laser welding needs.