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Duro-Chrome has a strong history of artistic innovation and has mastered the art of chrome plating, grinding and finishing to service a wide variety of industries. We do more than the average chrome platers and take on jobs that other competitors can’t or won’t tackle. From creating parts such as container caps found on common household, such as shampoo bottles, to developing breakthrough medical supplies, we can specialize our plating/repair to your mold repair needs. Learn more about the work we do below.


Duro-Chrome offers cost-efficient plating/repair of injection blow molds to the plastics industry, helping to improve accuracy and protect product longevity.


The first to offer acceptable hard chrome plating to the industry; improving corrosion resistance and providing even plating throughout dies.


Duro-Chrome offers thin film roll coating for the printing industry and is able to customize coatings based on specific needs.


Duro-Chrome offers a plating and repair of  a wide variety of components used in the manufacturing industry.


Duro-Chrome offers a variety of plating for equipment and rolls that can withstand almost any abrasive environment.


Duro-Chrome offers chrome plating for cooking, cooling and packaging equipment that helps to reduce wear and tear.


Duro-Chrome offers plating of precision parts with tight tolerances for the most advanced aerospace parts.


Duro-Chrome provides plating and finishing services that help increase the lifespan of various equipment used in the oil industry.


Duro-Chrome offers repairs/plating of high production patterns, core box molds, screens, funnels and equipment repairs to the foundry industry.


Duro-Chrome offers hard chrome plating to help improve material feed and mold release characteristics.