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Our finish produces a uniform deposit on the most complex shapes such as inside square corners and/or deep narrow ribs or small complex designs.

With Duro-Chrome’s proprietary Vacuum Release Finish (VRF), we break up the part’s surface to eliminate sticking, allowing parts to break from the mold quickly and easily.

Duro-Chrome’s proprietary Vacuum Release Finish is specifically formulated for the plastics industry for clear, see-through parts. We know that when using a long draw cycle, molding can often create a reverse vacuum that does not release parts as expected. Duro-Chrome’s VRF finish releases the vacuum and helps our customers maintain an A-1 through A-3 finish.


Vacuum Release Finish can be combined with any other Duro-Chrome coating to enhance finish and release.

Vacuum Release Finish can be applied to all types of steel – stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

Vacuum Release Finish can help invert plastic parts due to deep draw molding.

Duro-Chrome can micro-fracture the surface of a diamond mold without harming the finish.

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