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DURO-TUFF Duro-Tuff was developed to help increase lubricity, corrosion resistance and durability over a standard hard chrome plated surface.

A polymer is placed into the Duro-Chrome deposit sealing off any exposure of base metal to corrosion attack and imparts time-release lubricity. This proprietary coating provides outstanding surface conditions for metal parts used in hard environments.


Bonding is improved by eliminating any corrosive effect which could ultimately causes undermining and flaking of a deposit.

Corrosion Resistent

A typical increase in corrosion protection up to 100X. The reason is that corrosive environments, like salts, and chlorides (Cl), cannot penetrate the dense microstructure of bonded polymers.


The increase lubricity of the Duro-Tuff process provides optimum release properties. The increase of release ability is a significant factor in extended surface life and improved product quality.

Reduce Micro-cracks

Duro-tuff eliminates the possibility of micro-cracks going down to base metal. Viewed in a cross section, under magnification numerous sites extend down to the base metal. These sites serve as passageways for corrosion causing flaking of the deposit. Duro-Tuff on the other hand, is extremely dense, with no base metal exposure.


The Duro-Tuff coating is considerably smoother, with an improved coefficient of friction. This is due to the special characteristics of the polymer used. The significant increase in lubricity provides a unique “non-stick” characteristic.

Weather Resistance

The optimum test of a part’s life is its ability to resist wear. Numerous tests of Duro-Tuff under “real world” conditions have shown a typical increase in wear resistance up to 10X, when compared to untreated surfaces.


1 Rockwell Hardness 70-72 Rc
2 Maximum Operating Temperature 2,912 Degrees Fahrenheit
3 Melting Point 3,475 degrees Fahrenheit
4 Density 7.15 Grams Per Cubic Centimeter
5 Thickness Per Customer Specifications
6 Finish Blue Hue

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