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Duro Chrome is our company’s own proprietary process that is harder and more corrosion resistant than standard hard chrome.

Duro-Chrome coating is recommended for molds, dies and critical parts. This coating possesses bond strength as high as 64,000 psi. and will not oxidize at less than 1,200 degrees fahrenheit. It will not chip, peel or flake under normal conditions. Other Duro-Chrome options are offered based on your specific needs, including:

Duro-Chrome Flash

This coating application is recommended on most molds that have flats, contours and radii. It offers excellent bonding on EDM, milled, ground, paper polished, draw-stoned, textured, sand blasted or any diamond finishes. It also has great wear resistance against PVC. Thickness less than .0005 inches.

Duro-Chrome Build Up

Duro-Chrome Build Up can be applied utilizing our standard hard chrome plating. It can be applied to badly worn surfaces or to areas requiring increase in dimensions up to .050 inches.



Duro-Chrome’s high hardness value makes it abrasion and corrosion resistant. Only Dia-clust is harder than this chromium.

Friction Resistant

Duro-Chrome generates less drag and less heat as parts rub together, enabling faster operations of machines, reduced lubrication costs and packing problems. Oil also readily adheres to it, further decreasing frictions.


Duro-Chrome has positive bonding to all base metals and mold alloys. Molecular bond strengths have been measured as high as 64,000 psi on some ferrous metals. Duro-Chrome will not chip, crack, or peel when applied to base metals with a deposit of less than .0005.

Heat Resistant

Duro-Chrome protects base metals from scaling in heat and it is not affected by molten tin, zinc, brass or aluminum.


1 Thickness .0005 to .050 inches
2 Maximum Operating Temperature 2912 Degrees Fahrenheit
3 Finish To Customer Specifications
4 Melting Point 3,475 degrees Fahrenheit
5 Rockwell Hardness 70-72 Rc
6 Density 7.15 Grams Per Cubic Centimeter

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