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Super-Finish Cylindrical Grinding, also known as micro-machining and short-stroke honing, is a metal working process that improves surface finish and work piece geometry. This is achieved by removing a thin amorphous surface layer left by the previous process with an abrasive stone; this layer is usually about 1um in magnitude. Super finishing, unlike polishing which produces a mirror finish, creates a cross-hatch pattern on the work piece.

The Process

The work piece is rotated between two drive rollers, which also moves the machine. Four to eight progressively finer abrasive stones are used to super finish the work piece.  The stones contact the work piece at a 90° angle and are oscillated axially.  Examples of process finished parts  include tapered rolls, piston pins, shock absorber rods, and shafts.

The Advantage

Advantages of super finishing include: increasing part life, decreasing wear, closer tolerances, higher load bearing surfaces, improved sealing capabilities, and elimination of a break-in period. 

Duro-Chrome also has two machines in-house for a one-stop-shop service.

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