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Artistry. Precision. Passion. Commitment.

We help customers across a wide variety of industries solve their most challenging plating and finishing problems. We are passionate about our craft and we go above and beyond to find new and creative ways to minimize turnaround time, reduce costs and unlock the value of every part that goes out the door.

Mastering the Art of Chrome Plating
and Finishing for Over 87 Years.

The Duro-Chrome Advantage

At Duro-Chrome, we are more than platers and metal polishers. We look at each project as a work of art. How can we make this part work better for you? How can we fix your problems? Because one size does not fit all.

We Are Artisans

We are committed to our craft. We like to create. We know that not every part is the same and each business challenge is different. We design each detail to your specifications and we take pride in every part that goes out the door.

We Do It All

No Really, We Can. With Duro-Chrome you don’t have to work with three or more different companies. We can do it all under one roof, shortening turnaround times, streamlining communication and reducing costs.

We Are Problem Solvers

We listen to and understand your problems and we solve them. We think through every project and look for ways to do it better, faster and on time to help you unlock the value of each and every part.

We Have A Strong History

We’re Not Going Anywhere. Our business was founded 87 years ago with a deep-rooted commitment to advancement. We are always ahead of the latest EPA regulations and the latest technologies. We are continually evolving to stay ahead of the game.

Put Your Project in the Hands of an Artisan.