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DIAMOND CHROME PLATING Duro-Chrome’s diamond enhanced composite coating is specifically designed to reduce wear and friction.

By utilizing an ultra-high dispersion of nanometer-sized, spherical shaped diamond particles. The unique shape allows for optimal performance and will not abrade material. The diamond carbon connectivity significantly improves the cluster formation process, especially with chromium plating with a cluster structure.


Dies for Powder Metallurgy

Increases life up to 1,000% compared to PVD
and CVD coated dies.

Molds for Plastic and Rubber

Reduces mold injection pressure by up to 25% while also improving part release. Improves mold life up to 500% when molding glass-filled materials.

D2 Pelletizing Knives

Increases life up to 300%, plus more regrinds
from each blade.

Drawing and Forming Dies

Reduces galling and cold welding, improves part finish and increases tooling life 200 to 500%, requiring less maintenance.

Aluminum Die Cast Molds

Cores and dies last up to 300% longer

Oil Pump Cylinders

Increases corrosion and wear-resistance up to 200%

Tube Forming Rolls

Reduces galling and cold welding on rolls,
improving tube finish

Tube Sizing Mandrels

Maintains size and finish on 304ss, better than CrN, TiN, and TiAIN/WC/C


1 Rockwell Hardness 85-90 Rc
2 Maximum Operating Temperature 1,200 Degrees Fahrenheit
3 Melting Point 2,930 Degrees Fahrenheit
4 Density 7.08 Grams Per Cubic Centimeter
5 Thickness Recommended .00004 - .0005 inches

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